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What is the Statute of Limitations a Las Vegas Workers’ Comp Attorney has to File a Claim?

Worker's Compensation Claim Form

Some workplace injuries show up immediately, others aren't apparent for several days. This begs the question of how long you have to file a workers' compensation claim. What is the statute of limitations for a Las Vegas workers' compensation claim, anyway? It's a great question and one, Las Vegas workers' comp attorneys are here to answer.

Here's a look at Nevada's workers' compensation laws--and what you need to know in order to be fairly compensated for medical bills, lost wages and any permanent disability suffered while on the job.

How much time do you have to give notice you were injured?

In Nevada, it's best to notify your employer right away if you are injured at work. State law requires you to provide written notice to your employer within seven days of your accident or injury.

It's important to note not all workers' compensation claims involve injury. Some involve occupational diseases. In these cases, the statute-of-limitations clock starts’ ticking when you find out your disease was caused by your occupation. You have seven days from that point to notify your employer.

What type of written notice is required to report a workplace injury or illness?

If you are injured on the job or become ill as a result of your job, you need to fill out the "Notice of Injury or Occupational Disease" form, which is known as C-1 and should be available from your employer.

It's also important you let your doctor know your injury or illness is work-related so they can fill out a form called the "Employee's Claim for Compensation/Report of Initial Treatment," which needs to be sent to your employer within three days of your treatment.

What if you don't have time to immediately fill out the C-1 form?

In the event of a serious injury, don't worry about filling out the form right away. The most important thing for you to do when the injury is serious is to get yourself to the nearest hospital for care.

You, your family or your Las Vegas workers' comp attorneys can notify your employer of the injury after you have been treated.

What if you miss the deadlines?

You have seven days to notify your employer of your injury or illness using the C-1 form. You have 90 days from the date of injury to submit a C4 form. Hire a Las Vegas workers' comp attorney to meet these deadlines and keep your case on track.

Don't miss a deadline

If you have been injured at work or become ill as a result of your job, it's important you manage the paperwork and file your claim in a timely manner. Las Vegas workers' comp attorneys can help ensure you don't miss a deadline and have the opportunity to be fairly compensated for your medical bills, lost wages and permanent disabilities.

Contact Las Vegas workers’ comp attorneys

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