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Staying on Top of Nevada’s Evolving Workers Comp Laws

Since the day in the early 20th century when the sparsely settled state of Nevada passed comprehensive workers compensation laws, efforts to improve workers comp have been continuous. The evolution of workers comp reflects changes in American society.

Workers comp provides financial compensation for employees who are injured on the job. These laws originated in Europe and spread to the United States as industrialization increased workplace hazards.

Necessary and mutually beneficial laws

A century later, workers comp remains crucial for both the state’s employees and employers. Employers enjoy a limited liability and are able to avoid costly lawsuits. Workers have a legal structure in place that facilitates their recovery from injuries suffered on the job. Employees who once faced potentially crippling legal judgments are largely protected from liability through the no-fault insurance aspect of the law.WorkersInjuryLaw

Employees who are hurt in the workplace may be surprised by the new direction taken by workers comp laws. Understanding the law’s dynamics in order to get the help you deserve, financial or otherwise, often requires legal counsel.

Recent trends include:

  • A move to restrict employee’s freedom in choosing doctors.
  • The strong-arming of insurance companies to force doctors to take less money to care for injured workers to contain rising medical expenses.
  • The possibility of workers comp benefits being decreased.


These are just a few of the recent trends that may affect the amount of compensation you are awarded should you find yourself injured on the job.

Even if your case is relatively simple, you may benefit from the advice of an attorney. Call Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez at (702) 388-4476 to schedule your free consultation today.

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