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Safely Riding Bikes with Kids

Teaching kids how to ride bikes safely is a great way to encourage them to develop life-long healthy habits. Putting children on bikes also involves a significant responsibility. Preventing accidents and injuries should be a top priority. Children can be at greater risk than adults for bicycling accidents. They don’t always ride in a straight line, may not have sufficient skill to respond to changing conditions, and may be easily distracted. Bearing in mind that many accidents can be prevented even by the people who are not legally at fault, here are a few tips for keeping kids safe on bikes.
  1. Check for mechanical problems. Kids’ bikes go through a lot. They get dropped, left outside for long periods, and so on. Before going for a ride in public places it’s a good idea to always check for mechanical problems, especially with brakes and any point of contact between the bike, the rider, and the road (such as seats, handlebars, wheels). A quick tightening of a loose nut may prevent an accident.
  2. Make children wear helmets. Nevada law doesn’t require cyclists to wear helmets. Although not wearing a helmet won’t result in a citation, it could result in a serious or even fatal head injury. Bear in mind that helmets do not prevent every kind of head injury, they only reduce the likelihood of severe trauma.
  3. Teach traffic safety. Bicycles are not regulated in the same way as cars in Nevada, but they are subject to traffic rules. Kids who will ride in public need to have a basic working knowledge of what signs mean. It’s especially important that kids know when they must stop. They also need to know to stay within designated lanes and when it is ok to leave them. When riding on roads, cyclists are required to stay within designated bike lanes if they are present, unless roadway conditions in the bike lane makes it unsafe to do so.
If a child is injured while riding a bike and someone else was at fault, there may be an option of suing for compensation for the child’s injuries. The facts of the accident will be vitally important for determining the outcome of the case. After an accident it is important to gather as much information as possible about the event, including the time of day, the location, details about the people involved, and so on. Of course, this is easier said than done when a child has been injured and needs medical help. In any ensuing litigation the central question probably will be whether the person responsible for the accident was negligent. If the child was riding recklessly—for example, by running a red light into oncoming traffic—that may offer a partial or complete defense.

Talk to a Las Vegas personal injury firm about your case

The law firm of Greenman Goldberg Raby Martinez has represented clients in personal injury and accident cases for over 45 years. If you have questions about an accident involving a child on a bicycle, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation attorney consultation. We can be reached at 702-388-4476 or through our contacts page.

Bicycle Safety Tips

Riding a bicycle can be dangerous and can result in injuries including fractures, concussions and internal injuries. Even if you consider yourself an experienced bicyclist, you can still get into an accident due to the fault of someone else on the road. If this happens, you'll want to speak with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. The following are important bicycle safety tips:

  • Always wear a helmet  / 

    A helmet can be the difference between life and death. Even if you’re a professional bicyclist that never falls doesn't mean you'll never be involved in an accident. Remember, there are other people on the road too - someone could accidentally hit you from your blind spot.

  • Always stay visible  / 

    If it's raining or dark outside, make sure your bike is visible on the road. Many bicyclists get into accidents during conditions of low visibility because drivers couldn't see them on the road. To stay visible, make sure you use a light on your bike and consider wearing reflective clothing when biking at night.

  • Bike like a car  / 

    Don't swerve around the road when biking. You should bike as if you were in a car. This means biking within your lane and in the direction of traffic. This will help protect you from possibly being hit by a car that’s not suspecting you to veer out of your lane.

  • Don't get distracted  / 

    Keep your eyes on the road ahead of you and stay alert for any obstacles that may come into your path. Avoid talking on the phone and listening to music while biking. Doing so is a huge distraction. You need to be able to hear oncoming traffic as well as if a driver honks at you.

  • Obey the traffic laws  / 

    One of the common misconceptions bicyclists have is they don't necessarily have to stop at stop signs or red lights. By not obeying traffic laws or lights, you're not only putting yourself at risk, you're putting others on the road at risk as well.

  • Check your bike  / 

    Make sure your saddle is comfortable and tight. Test your wheels to make sure there's enough air in them and check your brakes to make sure they are functioning properly. The last thing you want to do is get out on the road only to find that your tires aren't quite full enough and your brakes don't seem to be working!

Always use these bicycle safety tips to reduce the risk of injury while biking on the road. If you get injured in a bicycle accident, then be sure to speak with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Be sure to contact GGRM at 702-388-4476 to speak with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney and schedule a free consultation.