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Rent-a-Scooter Businesses Raise Personal Injury Concerns

Businesses offering fast, low-cost rentals of bikes (both conventional and motorized) and scooters are becoming a common feature in cities around the country. Being able to hop onto a scooter and zip across town is a great convenience for customers. But because scooters on busy urban streets can be dangerous, the risk of personal injury raises questions about how liable the rental business may be for their customers’ injuries. For someone injured while riding a rented scooter, there are several considerations that may come into play in any ensuing litigation.
  • Service contracts probably limit liability.

Probably the most important way a rent-a-scooter business manages its risk is by requiring its customers to agree to lengthy terms and conditions that undoubtedly will include some form of waiver of liability. Such waivers are usually enforceable, even if the rent-a-scooter company has committed ordinary negligence. For example, if the last customer to ride a scooter leaves it at the rental stand with a punctured tire, and the next customer is injured when the tire goes flat at a bad moment, a waiver of liability might protect the company. That may apply even if an employee of the company inspected the scooter in a reasonably responsible way but didn’t see the puncture.
  • Assumption of risk.

A corollary to a waiver of liability is the inherent riskiness of riding a scooter. In fact, the rental contract probably includes a specific acknowledgment that the customer is assuming the risk of injury. For many types of accidents, the customer’s assumption of risk will be clear. For example, everyone knows that a scooter that gets struck by a larger vehicle is at a significant disadvantage when it comes to personal injury. Assumption of risk may not protect the rental company against suits arising from injuries that the customer could not have foreseen at the time the contract was signed.
  • Gross negligence and willful misconduct.

A rental company still bears liability for behaving especially badly. In the example above, the employee who inspected the punctured tire saw the damage but ignored it may have committed gross negligence by allowing the scooter to be rented again. Even more clear-cut would be the case where the employee allowed a customer to ride away on a damaged scooter with the intent that the customer be injured. A contract cannot waive a business’s liability for wrongful acts of this sort.
  • Insurance considerations.

Before renting any type of vehicle the customer should take a moment to confirm that insurance will cover injuries that happen while on the road. Rental companies probably offer some form of insurance, but its coverage may be limited. People who plan to routinely rent scooters as part of their regular transportation should consider taking out personal policies to provide additional coverage beyond what the rental company provides, both to cover their own injuries and the possibility of injuries to others.

GGRM is a Las Vegas personal injury law firm

For over 45 years the attorneys at Greenman Goldberg Raby Martinez have represented clients in the Las Vegas area in personal injury and auto accident cases. If you have been injured while using a rented scooter and you need help sorting through your legal options, call us today for a free attorney consultation at 702-388-4476 or request a call through our website.

Why Hire a Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney?

A Las Vegas auto accident attorney can help guide you through the sometimes complicated legal process that occurs after you’ve been hurt in a traffic collision.

Although accidents involving cars, trucks or motorcycles are the most common kind of personal injury claim, every incident is different. If you are involved in a collision involving a truck, car or motorcycle, contact a Las Vegas auto accident attorney immediately. You should also:

  • Get medical attention for your injuries.
  • Obtain the names, drivers license numbers and insurance information of all drivers.
  • Seek eyewitnesses to the accident and get their names and phone numbers.
  • File a report with law enforcement authorities and include as complete an account of the accident as possible.

Since 1970, we’ve represented auto accident victims with integrity and a true commitment to aiding their recovery.

A Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney to Represent Your Interests

A Las Vegas auto accident attorney will represent your interests if you’ve been injured in a traffic collision involving:

  • Distracted driving. Motorists who text, talk or scan the internet on cell phones while driving are increasingly responsible for traffic accidents. Applying makeup or eating are other reasons that drivers take their eyes off the road.
  • Speeding. There will always be motorists who break speed limit laws or drive faster than road conditions allow.
  • Reckless driving. Even if they are not speeding, motorists who are overly aggressive can cause accidents.
  • Driving under the influence. In spite of law enforcement efforts, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is still a problem. Some estimates place the percentage of accidents caused by drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs at 45 percent.
  • Factors outside the motorist’s control. Hazards on the road such as construction debris or inadequate signage are common causes of traffic accidents. Vehicle defects also play a role in some accidents.

When you have been hurt in a traffic collision and need a Las Vegas auto accident attorney, call the law firm of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez a 702-388-GGRM (4476). We work on a contingency basis - you pay only if we are able to obtain monetary compensation for you.