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Getting Adequate Compensation for Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries can be devastating and lead to life-long challenges. Nerve damage is profoundly difficult to treat and typically leads to long-term pain that must be treated with powerful medication. Paralysis can force dramatic lifestyle changes and impose significant costs. When a spinal injury leads to a personal injury lawsuit compiling a complete calculation of damages is one of the important considerations for the injured plaintiff’s attorneys.

Accounting for the full scope of damages

In any personal injury lawsuit the calculation of damages can be a hotly contested topic. Defendants naturally hope to limit their financial obligations. Insurance companies in particular have deep experience in defending themselves from liability. As such, the plaintiff’s damages calculations need to be compiled with care. Spinal injuries often involve categories of damages that extend well into the future. The scope of damages will depend on the plaintiff’s specific circumstances, but probably will include things like these:
  • Pain and suffering, with consideration for the long-term problems the plaintiff will face.
  • Medical bills, which includes costs of the immediate treatment to stabilize the injury as well as long-term rehabilitation.
  • Lost wages for anyone who will no longer be able to continue working.
  • Costs to modify the plaintiff’s home.
  • Costs related to specialized transportation accommodations, such as modifications to a car or the purchase of a vehicle with hydraulic lifts.
  • Costs of psychological care.
  • Impacts on family members.
Calculating damages is often a more difficult process than one might at first assume. Financial costs that can be readily quantified, like medical bills, may be relatively easy. But many damages are contingent. A person’s lost earnings will depend on the severity of the plaintiff’s disability and other factors. Estimating the plaintiff’s long-term medical challenges may require testimony from medical experts who can attest to the suffering the plaintiff may expect to endure. In some cases the plaintiff may also need the help of forensic accountants, who specialize in calculating damages in complex cases where difficult estimates such as long-term business losses need to stand up to counterarguments from the defense.

Talk to a Las Vegas personal injury firm about your case

The law firm of Greenman Goldberg Raby Martinez has a long history of representing injured clients in the Las Vegas area. If you have suffered a spinal injury and would like to explore your legal options, please contact us today for a free, no-obligation attorney consultation. We can be reached at 702-388-4476 or through our contacts page.