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What to Do if Your Workers Compensation Claim is Denied

What to Do if Your Workers Compensation Claim is Denied
There are several reasons that workers' compensation claims are denied. One of the most common is that the claim was not filed on time. Legally, a worker is required to report the claim as soon as possible; in some cases the window to report may be just a few days. Another common reason for a claim to be denied is that the employer disputed it. This could be because the employer disputes that the accident actually took place at work, or that the injury or illness the claim is based on resulted from the accident. In that case, you would need to gather additional evidence to support the claim. This can be eyewitness accounts that the accident did in fact happen, or a statement from a doctor attributing the injury or illness to something that took place at work. It’s a good idea to consider contacting your employer or its workers compensation insurance carrier to discuss the claim denial. If the denial was simply a clerical error, the error could be quickly rectified and your claim approved. The next step is to appeal the claim denial. The letter stating that the workers compensation claim was denied may also outline the appeals process. Make sure to read the letter carefully and take note any appeal deadlines. The appeals process varies from state to state. At the appeal hearing, you will be required to present evidence and documentation to support your workers compensation claim. Most importantly, be sure to file the appeal on time, and gather as much medical evidence as possible to support the claim. In Nevada, employees who are denied a claim can file an appeal with the Nevada Department of Administrations (DOA). To begin the appeal process, the employee must request a hearing with a Hearing Officer at the DOA. A Request for Hearing form is available on the DOA website. The employee must complete the form, attach a copy of the denial letter from the insurance company, and return both to the DOA. The form must be filed within 70 days from the date of the claim denial letter. The DOA will typically schedule a short, informal hearing before a Hearing Officer within 30 days of your request. During the hearing, the Hearing Officer will hear from both sides, review evidence submitted by the parties, and make a decision. If the employee disagrees with the Hearing Officer’s decision, he or she may request a review by an Appeals Officer. To do this, the employee must file a Request for Hearing Before Appeals Officer form with the DOA within 30 days of the Hearing Officer’s decision. The Appeals Officer will conduct a new and separate hearing. GGRM has been handling workers compensation and personal injury cases for the people of Las Vegas and Nevada since 1970. We've accumulated a lot of experience and success since then, but our firm's core values have remained unchanged. Our clients still matter to us, and we still provide exceptional representation on both a legal and personal level. For us, going above and beyond is business as usual. Visit us here to learn more, or give us a call at 702-388-4476.    

Injured at Work? Discuss Your Claim with Experienced Worker Compensation Lawyers

Whether you’ve suffered a slip and fall or an occupational mishap at work, consulting experienced worker compensation lawyers will help you determine when to pursue a case. Although some employees may experience only minimal time in the hospital or doctor’s office, others must endure days and even weeks or months under the care of hospital staff or a physician. While you convalesce and recover from on-the-job injuries, the question of if or when to file a workers compensation lawsuit may arise. Before considering a lawsuit be sure you have informed your employer immediately upon sustaining an injury and have followed OSHA and company guidelines for seeking and obtaining medical treatment. At the same time you should be meeting with experienced workers comp attorneys in Las Vegas to decide next steps. Don’t delay speaking with a workers compensation attorney in Las Vegas because you will need an advocate on your side throughout the process. Also, choose worker compensation lawyers with training and experience in the workers comp case industry. Workers compensation laws in Las Vegas are highly complex. Only a team of workers comp attorneys in Las Vegas with a proven track record can expertly assist you. Can Worker Compensation Lawyers Help If My Employer Fires Me For Filing a Claim?   Your employer may face a civil liability if you are fired for filing a workers’ compensation claim. Seek representation by worker compensation lawyers immediately upon injury. If you are fired because you filed a claim, you can pursue a lawsuit against your employer for wrongful termination.  You can protect yourself from being wrongfully dismissed. A pro-active approach will also ensure your medical and living expenses are met. Prompt representation from a skilled workers compensation attorney in Las Vegas is imperative. Your employers will do what they can to protect their best interest and you should do the same. If you are injured, contact the workers compensation law firm in Las Vegas that’s been helping injured workers for over 40 years - Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez (GGRM).  Our skilled team of worker compensation lawyers in Las Vegas can put our 40 years of experience to work for you. Contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm today at 702-388-GGRM (4476) to discuss your workers compensation case.  Arrange for a free initial consultation with our worker compensation lawyers!

What Fees Will You Pay When Working with Workers Comp Lawyers?

If you’ve been injured at work but can’t come to an immediate agreement with your employer on financial coverage, contact a team of professional workers comp lawyers. From confronting mounting medical expenses to meeting the cost of everyday living, is your employer willing to help you financially while you recover from injury? And if yes, how can you be sure the support will continue? Consulting an experienced workers compensation attorney in Las Vegas is your best choice. However, many injured employees hesitate to contact workers comp lawyers because they are concerned about legal costs. They may feel that adding workers comp attorneys’ fees will only increase their already high expenses. Before entering into a relationship with a workers’ compensation attorney in Las Vegas, consider asking these questions to determine what you can afford:
  • How much do you bill for your legal consultation time?
  • How much do the workers comp lawyers charge?
  • What is the typical amount of time it takes to get resolution for a claim?
  • What are the other legal expenses involved in a workers’ comp claim?
One important question to ask your workers comp attorneys is if they work on a contingency basis. This means that you pay nothing up front and the workers comp lawyers only receive legal fees if they are successful through a settlement or trial verdict. How Do Workers Comp Lawyers Work on a Contingency Basis? Workers comp lawyers who work on a contingency basis offer benefits to both you (the client) and the attorney. For you, there is no money to be paid up front or paid to the workers comp attorneys until a settlement or judgment is secured. When meeting with a workers’ compensation attorney in Las Vegas, discuss the financial terms of your contingency basis agreement. Ask your team of workers comp lawyers whether the legal fees will be paid based on the award from your settlement. Lastly, hire an attorney with the experience and knowledge to handle and fight for your workers comp case. Although your attorney may be paid on a contingency basis, you want to be sure the workers comp attorneys you choose are the best in the business. For a dependable, highly accomplished team of workers comp lawyers, trust Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez (GGRM). Our team will help you get the results you need and deserve. Discuss your case with skilled workers comp lawyers. Contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm today at 702-388-GGRM.