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The Best Las Vegas Accident Attorneys Are Within Your Reach

Don’t avoid seeking legal help in your personal injury case because you think you can’t afford a Las Vegas accident attorney.

While every case is different, individuals who have suffered injury due to the negligence of another are urged to make initial contact with a Las Vegas accident attorney before jumping to conclusions. The initial consultation with an attorney is free and it allows both the attorney and client to explore every aspect of the personal injury case to determine a strategy.

Often victims who have experienced personal injury suffer in silence, allowing expenses to pile up, overwhelmed by the perceived costs of hiring an accident attorney in Las Vegas.

In addition to your pain and suffering, injuries caused by the negligence of another can negatively impact your employment opportunities. The injured party in a PI case is often left without the ability to work. 

During the initial meeting, your Las Vegas accident attorney will ask a series of questions to assess your case and determine the initial cost:

  • When and how did the accident occur?
  • Who witnessed the injury?
  • What does the client hope to achieve from legal action?
  • Who is the intended defendant in the case and what is his or her involvement?

The attorney will also map out how long it will take to pursue legal action, necessary resources, court time, possible witness fees and filing costs.

Las Vegas Accident Attorneys Take Cases on a Contingency Basis

Another avenue to explore is inquiring whether your Las Vegas accident attorney will take the case on a contingency basisIf you win, the attorney is given a percentage of the settlement, however if you lose, the attorney will not be given a fee.*

Although a compelling proposition, many attorneys will only take a case on a contingency basis if the case is extremely strong and likely to win in court. Often the contingency fee case system works well for Las Vegas accident victims because:

  • Because many injured parties cannot work, they do not have the money to pay an hourly fee
  • Legal assistance is available to everyone—regardless of financial capability
  • The system weeds out the true, strong cases from claims that could be settled out of court or through other means
  • Risk is divided between both the client and the attorney

If you have concerns about fees associated with pursuing legal claims, contact Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Las Firm today at 702-388-GGRM (4476) and allow us to review your case. Our Las Vegas accident attorneys are skilled, capable and work on a contingency basis.

*If you go to trial and lose, case expenses and court costs are the responsibility of the client.