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Tips for Preventing Playground Injuries


Before you take your kids to the playground, you'll want to follow a few playground safety tips. Your children's safety should be your number one priority, and the last thing you want is for any playground injuries to occur. If any playground injuries do occur, then you should speak with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney. The following are a few playground safety tips you should follow:

  1. Make sure the playground is safe to use
    • Just because playgrounds were designed for kids to use doesn't mean they are always safe for kids to use. An older playground may have issues, such as the presence of rust, exposed nails, exposed screws, loose pieces or broken pieces. Give the playground a look over to make sure this isn't the case. If your child is injured because of such issues, you should speak to a Las Vegas personal injury attorney right away.
    • Check the playground, specifically the ground, for any dangerous objects that may have been left there. For example, broken glass and trash (such as cigarette butts or band aids).
    • Make sure there's shade over the playground especially if parts of it are made of metal and it's particularly hot out. Your children may suffer serious burns by grabbing on to a hot piece of metal – making them could let go, thereby causing them to fall.
    • Make sure the surface is appropriate. You won't want your children playing on a playground with a hard surface, such as concrete, cement or gravel. Surfaces should be made from rubber mats, wood chips, sand, mulch or other soft and safe surfaces.
  2. Speak with your children about safety
    • Let your children know rough housing is not acceptable - even "play" fighting - on the playground.
    • Tell your children to be patient when waiting their turn - they shouldn't push, shove or crowd others.
    • Have your children tell you if they see anything dangerous - and to not pick it up themselves.
    • Tell your children never to speak to strangers.
  3. Watch your children
    • An adult should always be supervising your child. If you are there with other adults you know, you can take turns watching the kids - as long as you know who is watching them and you trust them.
    • Make sure they are using playground equipment appropriate for their age. Many playgrounds are built for children of all ages to enjoy. You probably won't want your four year old attempting to climb the monkey bars.

Follow these tips in order to reduce the risk of your children getting hurt on the playground. If they do injure themselves on the playground, then you should speak with a Las Vegas personal injury attorney to determine whether you should take legal action. To speak with a reputable Las Vegas personal injury attorney today, be sure to contact us at GGRM.

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