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Tragedy Strikes Two Families in Senseless DUIs

Las Vegas can be a dangerous place for those with loose piggy banks and no self-control. But for 75-year-old Marko Kustudia, he couldn't have imagined the danger in getting his morning cup of coffee and taking a brisk walk.

Out for his morning stroll before 7am along Maryland Parkway, between Richmar and Gary avenues, near Gehring Elementary School, Kustudia and 78-year-old Richard Glen Bryan had been struck. Kustudia suffered a broken neck, spine and ankle. Bryan died on the scene.

The two men weren't acquaintances; they just shared the unfortunate luck of being in the wrong place at the wrong time; in the path of 31-year-old Nicole Christine Johnson and her Honda Civic. Johnson was intoxicated at the time.

This wasn't the first such instance for Johnson in that same week. Two days prior she had been in another crash about a mile away. No one was hurt there and she did not receive a ticket. Witnesses said she also appeared drunk on that day.

Johnson also had bench warrants out for her arrest. One of these warrants included driving without a Nevada driver's license. However, these warrants weren't exercised when she crashed without injury. Now one man is dead and another is in a struggle just to regain his ability to live life.

Kustudia had recently been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, a form of cancer of the lymph nodes. This injury has put a damper on his treatment of the cancer. Broken bones have halted the continued chemotherapy. He could be at the hospital for as long as three months.

According to Kustudia, this crash was "something that shouldn't have happened. They're not treating those impaired the way they're supposed to be treated."

Still, as the 20 year Palace Station Casino employee struggles for answers, he's also worried about how his wife and he will continue to pay their medical bills and keep a roof over their heads.

Drunken driving injuries are all too common in Sin City. More often than not it's those not even involved in the revelry like Bryan and Kustudia who pay the price.

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