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What is Tort Reform and How a Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas can Help

Tort reform is a legalese description of specific legislature designed to limit plaintiff's ability to recover compensation in a personal injury lawsuit. Tort reform has become a particularly heated issue in recent years as there has been a rise in the amount of people who feel the current U.S. justice system gives victims too much power in seeking compensation. Tort reform laws thus seek to re-balance the scales of justice. However, too often the burden of new legislature falls on victims seeking fair compensation for medical bills and related costs. That's why it's important for all citizens to understand tort reform and how personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas work with it:

The Basics of Tort and Tort Reform

Torts are any style of wrongfully done harm or injury that the law allows for victims to seek re-compensation via a civil suit. Torts do not generally arise out of contract-breaking, but rather out of bodily injuries made against a person.

The theory behind tort laws is, victims should not have to pay the price for other peoples' negligence or recklessness; the person or organization responsible for damages and injuries should likewise be responsible for paying the victim an amount necessary to recover from those damages and injures.

For example, a person injured after given the wrong medication by a doctor may file a civil suit to hold that doctor and/or their healthcare institution responsible for those injuries. That person is capable of recovering money for their damages because the doctor committed a tort.

Tort reform describes a variety of laws that limit these types of lawsuits. Advocates of tort reform primarily have one or both of the following goals in mind:

  • Reduce and limit how much money victims can receive in a personal injury suit.
  • Make it harder for people to amplify or fake injuries so they may sue for more money.

For example, in October 2003, the Nevada Legislature enacted several tort reform laws in regards to medical malpractice. They both shrank the statute of limitations by which a victim may file a lawsuit from two years with exceptions to extend the date down to one year and capped the financial limit of re-compensation to $350,000 for pain and suffering.

Tort Reform and You

While tort reform has mostly been a state issue thus far, it has been a topic of federal debate and some anticipate new federal tort reform laws are on the horizon. Because of this and because you live in a state that has already adopted tort reform laws, it's important to seek out expert personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas as soon as possible following an accident. Las Vegas personal injury lawyers will help you sift through the tort reform laws that pertain to your case and ensure your suit is executed in such a way that best benefits you.

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