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What You Need To Know About Slip and Fall Injuries

Being injured on the job is stressful. Besides the physical pain, there are doctor appointments, missed days of work, and other painful ordeals that must be overcome to get life back to normal.

If you have experienced a slip and fall injury on the job, here are things to be aware of:

  • Immediately After the Incident. Be sure to contact your manager or supervisor on duty immediately. It is essential you file an incident report to document the occurrence, as unknown injuries could be present that you do not readily see or feel at the time. Make sure you request a copy of the incident report for your own records, as you may need this later.
  • Medical Attention. Depending on the severity of your fall, your employer may ask you to seek attention from a medical provider. In some cases, this request may be a requirement, or it may simply be an option. You should always accept an invitation to seek medical attention. Physicians may or may not find injuries upon inspection, but the documentation of the visit will be important in the future.
  • Asking for Evidence. The effects of your fall may be minimal, but you do not always know what the end result will be. It is important to gather evidence of your situation when it occurs so you do not have to worry about any lost information down the line.

If you are an hourly employee, make sure you keep a record of your time card to indicate when you got to work and when you left that day.

Some facilities have security cameras onsite. The footage from these may help your case if you develop pain in the future, but some footage is only available for a limited time. Request footage of your fall as soon as possible, so you can be sure you have evidence in hand, should litigation arise.

  • After-Effects. Sometimes, a slip and fall injury causes damage and pain that is readily apparent. Bruises and blood can appear right away, but even when those don't occur, it doesn't mean injuries didn't take place. Injuries may be more serious than they initially seemed, which means pain may present itself after the fact. After-effects of slip and fall cases can range anywhere from bumps and bruises to torn ligaments and broken limbs.

Having the incident documented on medical records can be an important tool down the road, even if it seems like a trivial doctor's visit at the time.

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