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When Should I Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Las Vegas After Being Injured?

The simple answer: Immediately!

Don’t wait to try and figure out what to do or how to handle insurance claims and compensation. Make that call to an auto accident attorney Las Vegas right after you have been injured in a car accident. Here’s why: 

  • The physical and psychological impact of a traumatic automobile accident can leave both bodily and emotional scars on an individual.
  • Many auto accident victims report experiencing post traumatic stress syndrome months and even years after their physical wounds have healed.
  • Often, the road to recovery is lengthy, paved with numerous doctor appointments, trips to a psychologist and physical therapy.
  • Patients report that they experience stress from re-living the accident and from physical limitations.
  • Adding to stress from the actual event is the pressure of increased medical bills and possibly other mounting bills if the auto accident sidelined the victim from work.
  • Without financial assistance many auto accident victims cannot bear the full financial and emotional burden of meeting ongoing costs resulting from the accident. It digs them deeper into despair.

That’s why auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas advise victims to contact a Las Vegas accident attorney as soon as possible. In order to obtain the financial compensation that’s rightfully yours, injury attorneys Las Vegas should be by your side right after your accident.

Because PI cases have a deadline for filing claims, some car accident victims miss their window of opportunity by waiting too long. Additionally, most court cases take a considerable amount of time to gather evidence, discovery, negotiation and possibly come to a settlement or go to trial.

How long can you wait to pay your bills if you are injured in an auto accident?  For many, only a few weeks can pass before they will require financial assistance.

Should I Still Contact an Auto Accident Attorney in Las Vegas if My Injuries are Not Serious?

In the event you walked away from the accident with only minor injuries you may still have a claim. You should consult an auto accident injury attorney in Las Vegas to determine if pursuing a case is right for you.

Often auto accident victims are forced to pursue legal avenues when their insurance company does not support the medical expenses incurred from the injury. Areas such as physical therapy or additional medical treatments may not be covered by your insurance carrier making legal action the only step to take.

Whether you should pursue a case or not is up to you and your Las Vegas accident attorney.  During your initial meeting, supply the lawyer with supportive documentation that will help determine if legal action is the right move.

When you meet with the auto accident attorneys Las Vegas at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez (GGRM), we will analyze every aspect of your case to help you decide how to proceed.

We’ve had over 40 years handing auto and motorcycle accident cases. With our team, you’ll recognize the importance of hiring a skilled auto accident attorney in Las Vegas.   

After your auto accident,  your first call should be 911. Make the next one to an expert auto accident attorney Las Vegas. Call Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, Martinez Law Firm at 702-388-GGRM (4476).  Ask us about our free initial consultation!