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How a Witness Statement Supports Your Claim

Accident Witness

Witness statements have long been an essential component of any trial. If you're hiring a Las Vegas accident lawyer to represent you in a car accident, insurance claim or lawsuit, one of the first questions they ask is whether or not you were able to secure witness statements at the time of the incident. As an injured party, it is up to you to prove you were not at fault and provide evidence that supports your claim on how and what injuries and property damages occurred during the incident. Witness statements are a powerful form of evidence that can support your claim in the following ways:

Support Claims of Innocence.

Nevada operates on what is known as 'tort laws' for car insurance claims. This means, in contrast to no-fault states, insurance companies will typically view one party as completely at fault for the accident. This gives you the ability to file suit against the at-fault party to recover both the full amount of damages in addition to re-compensation for any emotional pain and suffering. However, first you need to provide evidence of your innocence in the accident and give credence to your claim the other party was at fault. Witness statements of the incident are invaluable here.

Support Claims of Injury.

In addition to simply proving the fault of the accident, witnesses can also assist you in proving the scale of injuries and property damages that occurred during the accident. Here, you can use eyewitness accounts to help the court ascertain your claimed injuries were caused by the accident. Additionally, eyewitness of the aftermath can help the court determine the severity of your injuries and pain as they recount your actions and attitude immediately following the collision.

Discredit Injuries and Support Claims of Guilt.

If you are the other side of the aisle and another driver is attempting to use a Las Vegas accident lawyer to prove you are the party at fault, then you can likewise use witness statements to refute their claims. Third-party witnesses are so valued because they provide an independent and unbiased account of the accident. Someone who is injured and seeking re-compensation for those injuries by suing you has their vision of what occurred colored by their personal and financial interest in the outcome of the case. Thus, if an incident did not occur as the 'injured' party claims, a third-party witness statement will be able to refute the charges and show the party was partially or even fully responsible for the collision.

The Las Vegas Accident Lawyers

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