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Work Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

Receive Compensation for Your Injuries with Help from Work Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

Working in a casino may not seem like a high-risk job but injuries are common enough that work accident lawyers stay busy helping Las Vegas casino workers receive the compensation they need and deserve.

Repetitive motion injuries are among the most common because so many jobs in the casino industry require workers to be in constant motion. Dealing cards, raking dice and spinning a roulette wheel involve repeating the same motion up to hundreds of times in a single shift. Spend several years doing the same job and you could develop bursitis in your shoulder, tendonitis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you are a stage performer, you are at risk of receiving injuries due to complicated choreography or falling off a stage. You could suffer blunt trauma from set piece or other objects falling onstage or backstage.

Food and beverage servers must carry heavy trays while walking around during long shifts. Other jobs in a casino require carrying heavy luggage, transporting heavy lock boxes and setting up exhibits, lighting equipment and sound systems for conventions, trade shows and concerts.

Workers’ compensation is supposed to pay for medical treatment of injuries, rehabilitation programs and lost wages when an employee is unable to work. When an insurance company denies a workers’ compensation claim, an experienced lawyer can help an injured worker file an appeal.

Call the Dedicated Las Vegas Work Accident Lawyers at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez

Our Las Vegas law firm has been serving locals for more than four decades, so they are familiar with the casino industry. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of state workman’s compensation laws and they will work on your behalf to ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

If you are an injured casino worker in need of legal help, call Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 702-388-4476 to speak to qualified work accident lawyers in Las Vegas.