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Your Rights. Your Recovery. Your Future. It Matters to Us.

At the law firm of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, we never forget how important the outcome of your legal matters are for you and your family. This is your health, your recovery, your job, your finances, and your future affected, and what affects you, affects the community. That's why fighting for you and our Southern Nevada community, doing everything in our power to bring forth the best possible situation, matters most to us.

GGRM Lawyers

We began GGRM 45 years ago, and have spent every year since helping everyday people in our community – friends and family, neighbors, co-workers, soccer moms and cheering dads. We are committed to taking on tough cases of worker's compensation, personal injury, social security disability, and wrongful death claimants.

Our experienced attorneys have helped thousands who were hurt in an accident or were unjustly wronged by their employers. We go head-to-head with the insurance firms and work diligently to secure the highest possible financial compensation possible to help you move forward to a greater future.

It's for these reasons we're proud to update the Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Law Firm's slogan to something more representative of our past cases, our current mission, and our vision for the future: "Your Rights. Your Recovery. Your Future. It Matters to Us."

Southern Nevada has long been a special place for us, as we're sure it holds a special place for you. This is our community, and if you've been hurt in an accident, received unfair treatment, or were a victim of a personal injury we want to assist you in getting the help you need to assert your rights and put the trauma behind you so you can enjoy a more secure future.

Contact us today at 702-388-4476 or send us an e-mail to schedule a free personal consultation. Sign up to receive our blog notifications detailing how you can recognize and protect yourself from unfair treatment.

If you've been injured or received unjust treatment, please don't wait it out and hope for the best. Helping you ascertain Your Rights, quicken Your Recovery, and improve Your Future, Matters to Us.