Car Accident Lawyer Las Vegas

Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas Handles a Variety of Pedestrian Incidents

An experienced car accident lawyer in Las Vegas knows that no two pedestrian involved accidents are alike. It is common occurrence that the involved parties and witnesses may describe the incident differently which can make culpability difficult. When you have differing witness accounts, having a skilled attorney on your side is imperative to finding the truth through forensic investigation and applying the law. Knowing the cold hard facts surrounding common pedestrian accidents can also help begin an investigation. Pedestrian accident statistics*:
  • Children under the age of 16 and the elderly are most likely to be struck by a vehicle
  • 2/3 of all pedestrian accident victims are male
  • Most pedestrian accidents occur on the weekend, between Friday and Sunday
  • Injuries sustained by a pedestrian during a vehicular accident are due to the impact of the vehicle but also by striking the ground
  • Some injuries will occur if the victim is run over by the car after being struck
  • Injuries range from scratches and bruises to paralysis, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, coma and death
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When to Call A Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Pedestrian accidents often warrant a phone call to a car accident lawyer in Las Vegas when the motorist fails to obey traffic laws. Although drivers must yield to pedestrians, motorists don’t always adhere to this law and end up either injuring or killing an innocent person.

Although in some cases pedestrians may run out in front of a car, the majority of pedestrian involved crashes typically result when the driver is negligent. When it's the driver’s fault, some common reasons for pedestrian accidents include:

The motorist...

  • Does not yield to the right of way of pedestrians in the crosswalk
  • Travels through a stop light, stop sign or ignores another traffic signal
  • Is driving while distracted either by a phone call, text message or by other passengers
  • Drives while intoxicated, under the influence of another substance or is driving while exhausted
  • Fails to adhere to the speed limit

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