First Responders (Police/Fire) Matter to Us Scholarship

Deadline: May 15, 2020
Available to: Dependents of an active, retired, or killed in the line-of-duty Nevada Police Officer or Firefighter
Award Amount: $5,000

  1. Must be a Nevada resident at the time of application
  2. Must be the dependent of an active, retired, or killed in the line-of-duty Nevada Police Officer or Firefighter
  3. Must submit an online application
  4. Must submit a 500+ word essay that covers the 2020-2021 topic
  5. Must be enrolled in an undergraduate college program in the 2020-2021 school year

First responders encounter high levels of stress in their careers. They endure long hours and shift work, unpredictable situations, critical incidents involving exposure to trauma, public criticism and inherent dangers that occur in their line of work. The stress of the job is not isolated to responders and often impacts their spouses and children as well. The demands of long hours and shift work often mean responders miss holidays, milestones in their children’s lives and special events. Children may also worry about their parent as they know being a first responder job is a dangerous job and are often forced to deal with PTSD or other stress-related issues.

GGRM has a long-standing history of serving Nevada’s first responder community, and we are acutely aware of the challenges that they and their families face. Our desire is to further support this segment of our population and offer specific scholarships to their dependent children for the sacrifices they have made.

Write a 500+ word essay, explaining the unique challenges of being the dependent child of a first responder, providing specific examples of what life is like in a first responder (Police/Fire) family. Discuss the sacrifices that you and your family have made to serve the greater good of the community and the impact that was made.

Winning Criteria

The scholarship winner will be based on the following factors:

Ability to communicate a coherent and compelling essay that conveys the student’s unique challenges as a dependent child of a first responder, as well an appreciation for how their sacrifices have positively impacted other people’s lives.

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