Results of the 2015 Nevada Legislative Session

Protecting Our Rights: Dangerous Products SB 161 passed both houses of the legislature but was vetoed by Governor Sandoval who wrote, “This bill potentially limits important legal remedies for Nevada consumers.” Instead of ensuring that victims could take appropriate legal action when a defective or dangerous product is placed in the hands of consumers, SB 161 would have significantly limited your constitutional right to legal recourse in these cases. Under SB 161, victims would no longer have been able to hold sellers of these products accountable and would have been limited to taking legal action only against the manufacturer. Protecting Our Rights: Holding Wrongdoers Accountable Another bill that was vetoed by Governor Sandoval was SB 296. The governor wrote, “This bill limits the ability of Nevadans to hold others fully accountable for any harm they may have caused and may cause in the future by limiting claims for punitive damages in civil actions.” SB 296 would have protected the sellers and manufacturers of dangerous or defective products, provided they passed some form of government oversight. The overburdened FDA or the NHTSA would have served as “protection” for these businesses—even if those businesses lied or misled government regulators! Manufacturers would have been protected if their product was approved by these types of government agencies. We certainly know from past experience that approval by a government agency is no guarantee that a product is safe. Even though the 2015 legislative session is complete, the efforts to protect your legal rights will continue. The bills that did not pass will likely be reintroduced in the 2017 legislative session, and the bills vetoed by the governor will be back next session for a vote to sustain or override. There are several ways you can help continue the fight to protect your rights:
    • Contact your legislators and let them know you oppose their efforts to undermine the constitutional rights of all Nevadans to legal recourse when a wrong has been perpetrated.
    • Urge your family and friends to do the same.
    • Visit and “like” the Facebook page Nevadans for Protecting our Rights.
Visit to learn more ways to help. Whether you are a past or current client of GGRM, you can make a difference by helping protect our ability to provide all of our clients with the best legal representation. Thank you in advance for your assistance in this important matter.