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How Teenage Drivers Can Avoid Needing a Las Vegas Accident Attorney

On any given day, a Las Vegas accident attorney is reminded that the leading cause of death for teens is motor vehicle crashes. Despite the fact that most teenagers have better reaction time than older drivers do, they are involved in four times as many accidents out on the road. Studies show that drivers between the ages of 16 and 24 are at the most risk during the six months immediately after getting a driver’s license.

This is mainly because of the discrepancy in experience between the two groups. Teenagers may react faster but are less able to anticipate hazards as they drive. Learning to scan for and identify hazards is a crucial part of driver training.

Drivers must understand the importance of looking beyond the car directly in front of them. Keeping an eye on traffic several cars ahead and to either size provides the opportunity to look for traffic signals, pedestrians, roadblocks, emergency vehicles and brake lights. The sooner the driver identifies a hazard, the more time there is to react appropriately to avoid an accident.

How Parents Can Help Their Teen Drivers Avoid Needing a Las Vegas Accident Lawyer

Parents can help keep their teens safe by setting clear guidelines before they get behind the wheel of a car.

  • Gradually increase driving privileges – Research results show that contributors to high accident rates among teenage drivers include driving with passengers, driving without a set destination and driving at night. New drivers should be restricted from participating in these activities until they have proven they are capable of handling challenging conditions.
  • Limit passengers in the car during the first six months – Parents should insist the teen have an adult in the car until they are sure the driver is able to manage distractions and passengers responsibly. After that, allow a single teen passenger and then gradually increase the number over time.
  • Parents should take a proactive role in keeping young drivers safe. If your teen is involved in a motor vehicle accident, you must seek out the help of an experienced attorney to protect your legal rights.

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