Las Vegas Attorneys Personal Injury

Las Vegas Attorneys Personal Injury

Sustaining long-term injuries from an accident is a heavy burden to carry for the rest of your life. You do not have to bear the visible and non-visible suffering when you can ease the load under the jurisdiction of your state. The offices of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, and Martines are more than thrilled to assist in the procession of your case.

Under what circumstances should you talk to our Las Vegas attorneys of personal injuries? You may wonder whether it is a sensible choice to call an attorney if you have tiny skin scratch from the motorcycle accident. Other injuries may be too severe that you do not see the need to seek compensations, in fear of the worst-case scenario.

When should you seek a personal injuries attorney?

After acquiring a permanent injury

You should never hesitate to pursue coverage from an accident that left you permanently disabled. Our experienced lawyers can calculate the amount of money you should get and help in setting up a brighter future. We will pursue all available avenues of justice until you are satisfied with the monetary comfort. This is because it will help in covering the physical, emotional, and mental damages from the accident.

When you suffer serious injuries

The amount of due compensations will be mostly dependent on the severity of the damage. This setup is because the final value will be inclusive of the incurred medical bills and the duration of recovery. Some insurance firms are notorious for withholding funds despite the available hard evidence of statements.  A GGRM attorney will substantiate your claims to afford you better chances.

Involvement of other parties

Insurance claims tend to get extremely complicated when there is more than one party involved at the scene of the crime. The settlement money may not be enough for all injured clients. You may also be seeking protection against claims of insurance. Our Las Vegas attorneys of personal injury will afford you the due legal protection by defining the proper liability.

Protection against bad faith insurance tactics

You may have heard something questionable about the firm that owes you a settlement. We have a passionate team of attorneys that will use the law to disengage such persons and groups. The GGRM lawyers have a history of handling personal injury cases and ironing out distraught situations.

What to expect from the negotiation and litigation journey

The efforts of our lawyers will be consistent and have a reasonable amount of updates regarding the settlement. Here is a short synopsis of what will happen from the beginning of the case.

  • We will obtain witnesses, evidence, and police reports to back up the claims.
  • The attorney is obliged to wait for a medical clearance indicating your improved health, before proceeding with the case.
  • We will present an offer from the insurance firm through the right channels or review a claim and discuss the best course of action.
  • A failed negotiation will lead to arbitration.
  • The discovery stage is the most time-consuming session, demanding parties to present viable evidence for the case.
  • The final stage of the trial is entirely dependent on the court on the court of law.



Las Vegas Attorneys Personal Injury
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