Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

Injured in a Taxi Crash? Contact a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney

If you receive injuries while riding in a taxi, reliable Las Vegas car accident attorney at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez can protect your right to receive compensation for your damages, pain and suffering.

Area taxi drivers work around the clock delivering millions of people to destinations all over the city every year. Add in thousands of tourists driving on unfamiliar streets in rental vehicles and local residents commuting to and from work and it is easy to see why traffic is so heavy on the city roadways.

Taxi drivers are professionals with thousands of hours behind the wheel but they can make mistakes just like anyone else. Because they rely on high use commercial vehicles, authorities require taxi companies to meet a high standard of operation ensuring the safety of passengers and other motorists.

The company can be held financially responsible when:

  • The accident is caused by the driver’s negligence while operating the vehicle
  • Passengers are injured due to a mechanical failure that should have been prevented with proper maintenance
  • Injuries occur to passengers after exiting the taxi because the driver failed to pull away from the curb safely.

If you are injured due to the negligence of a taxi cab driver, it is important to call a qualified accident attorney as soon as possible after receiving medical treatment for your injuries. Many of the area cabs carry electronic boxes that have recorded data from the time of the incident. The lawyer will request that information but the cab company will only preserve it for a limited time. Failing to act quickly can hurt your chances to receive full compensation.

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