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Depend on Las Vegas’ Work Injury Attorneys After You’ve Been Hurt on the Job

Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez are the Las Vegas work injury attorneys who help you pull your life back together after you’ve been hurt on the job.

Our lawyers specialize in worker’s compensation law and personal injury. We chose to focus on these areas of law when the firm began legal practice in 1970 because we believe hard-working employees need a strong legal advocate for them when they are injured in the workplace.

As a worker recovers from job-related injuries, medical bills must be paid and lost wages should be at least partially reimbursed. Handling the paperwork required for a case even slightly out of the norm can be daunting and confusing.

Many employers want the best for their employees and are quick to process a worker’s claim for compensation. Other employers are slow to comply with a claim out of fear that their worker’s comp insurance premiums will increase or attention may be drawn to unsafe conditions in the workplace.

In cases involving reluctant employers and their insurance companies, our lawyers work to cut through red tape and get you the compensation you need for a quick recovery.

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Many factors can complicate cases involving accidents in the workplace. You need legal representation if:

  • Your employer maintains the injury was your fault. This argument is frequently posed when a worker is hurt while using a piece of machinery.
  • You’ve been fired after filing a claim: Workers’ cannot be fired because they filed a claim. Workers are still entitled to workers compensation benefits.
  • Injuries are caused by a third party who is not a co-worker. This may occur when multiple contractors are on a single job site.

You have rights. Protect them by calling the office of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez, the Las Vegas work injury attorneys, at 702-388-4476. Consultation is free and you pay no fee for our legal services unless you are compensated.