LV Injury Lawyer Helps Holiday Accident Victims

A Las Vegas Injury Lawyer Can Help Victims of Holiday Accidents

Las Vegas injury lawyers see an increase in business around the holidays. Accidents are more likely to happen during holidays because more people are driving on the roadways as they travel for vacation or to visit family members.

Drivers eager to reach their destination and stay on schedule drive more aggressively and take more risks than they otherwise would. Individuals who fail to stay vigilant and drive defensively can become involved in an accident caused by a reckless driver who is not paying attention to the road.

Many holiday celebrations include the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Individuals who fail to appoint a designated driver and decide to drive after having a cocktail or two put themselves and others at risk on the road.

Poor weather conditions during the winter months add another layer of danger to holiday travel. Poor visibility and icy roads make for treacherous driving conditions, especially for drivers who have had little practice driving when the roads are slick.

A study of fatal car accidents by the NHTSA revealed a spike on the two days before Christmas as well as July 3 and 4. The riskiest days for pedestrians are Christmas Eve, New Year’s Day and Halloween.

When traveling for the holidays, drivers should take the following precautions to avoid a tragic accident that can ruin the good times:

  • Avoid the urge to rush to your destination. Slow down, drive defensively and obey all traffic laws, including the speed limit.
  • Plan your trip ahead of time. This will help you stay on schedule and you will not feel like you have to be in a hurry.
  • Make frequent stops to allow the driver an opportunity to walk around and enjoy a snack or beverage. This will prevent driver fatigue. Swap drivers periodically for long distance trips to ensure they have time to rest between shifts.
  • If the celebration involves the consumption of alcoholic beverages, appoint a designated driver. Even a single cocktail can decrease reaction time and impair your judgment behind the wheel of a motor vehicle.

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