Personal Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Enjoy Spring Break Without the Need to Find a Personal Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas

Personal accident lawyers in Las Vegas are all too familiar with the need to assist individuals who find themselves in need of help during Spring Break. Sin City is a popular vacation destination for college students looking for fun in the sun and unfortunately, they are at an increased risk of suffering personal injuries.

This unofficial holiday season typically lasts from early March to mid-April. Pool season is just getting underway and of course, the bars and nightclubs do everything possible to attract the party crowd. Celebrity hosted events, drink specials and low or no cover charges encourage students to party the night away.

Studies show that alcohol related car crashes and DUI arrests increase during Spring Break and the weekends immediately before and after. The majority of individuals involved in these accidents are in their late teens or early 20s but everyone on the road during this time is at risk.

Danger can be lurking in other places as well. Many nightclubs and bars report increased incidents of violence during this time of year and inebriated guests are particularly vulnerable. When choosing a place to spend the evening, patrons should think about safety. It is best to find nightlife spots that charge a cover and enforce dress codes. The parking lots should have ample light and visible security cameras for improved safety.

Swimming pools and alcohol are yet another dangerous combination. Serious injuries can occur when swimmers who have had too much to drink attempt to dive into a shallow pool. Overcrowding can result in accidents or violent acts. Slip and fall incidents increase when unstable individuals walk or run on slippery surfaces.

Spring Break is a time to have fun with friends and as long as students remain vigilant and choose their activities wisely, it offers a great way to relax before returning to the rigors of the next school semester. If the fun stops and disaster strikes, it is time to call 702-388-GGRM (4476) and speak with an experienced personal accident lawyer in Las Vegas at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Law Firm.