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A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help with Insurance Claim Disputes

Every personal injury lawyer is all too familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to pay out as little as possible on an injury claim. At the same time, consumers must make sure they have the proper types of insurance to protect their families if an accident occurs.

Nevada requires car owners to maintain liability insurance on all registered vehicles during the entire registration period. This is true even if the vehicle is not in use. The policy must cover bodily injury at a minimal amount of $15,000 for the injury or death of one person in a single accident and a minimum $30,000 for all persons in a single accident. It must also provide for a minimum $10,000 coverage for property damage in any one accident. This basic coverage is often identified as 30/15/10 coverage.

Individual and family disability insurance protects policyholders against loss of income if an injury prevents them from doing their job and earning a living. Social Security is difficult to apply for and the approval process is time consuming. Disability insurance provides a way for individuals to continue to pay their mortgage, car payment and other bills when they are unable to work due to injuries from an accident.

Homeowners liability insurance protects the policyholder against lawsuits for property damage or bodily injury caused to other individuals. This coverage pays for legal representation in court and any damages the court orders the policyholder to pay. An umbrella or excess liability policy covers any damages in excess of the liability insurance on an existing auto or home policy. This is a separate policy and offers broader coverage. It pays for additional items, including slander, invasion of privacy and libel.

Certain situations allow an injury victim to collect from more than one insurance company. An experienced lawyer can review the facts and determine if it is possible to receive compensation from multiple sources.

Sometimes insurance companies deny a disability claim due to an honest mistake. In some cases, an intentional act of bad faith leads to a denial. Either way, consumers should seek help from an experienced attorney if their insurance company denies a claim.

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