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Many people who are hurt on the job do not need the services of a work related injury attorney in Las Vegas. However, in those cases where they do, the attorneys at the law firm of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez have the experience necessary to help them get the financial compensation they need to recover from their injuries.

Settling a claim for a minor injury is a relatively simple process. The majority of people who file a worker’s compensation claim are able to do so without hiring a lawyer. As long as the proper paperwork is filed by the deadline and all conditions are met, the employer’s insurance company will pay for medical treatment, rehabilitation and recovery.

Workers who suffer serious injuries that lead to temporary or permanent disability often face a bigger challenge when it comes to receiving compensation. The insurance company works in the best interest of its client and may find a way to deny the worker’s claim. If this happens to you, you need an experienced work related injury attorney to fight for your legal right to receive the money you deserve.

A qualified attorney can also provide assistance if your employer wrongfully dismisses you because of a disability caused by an injury at work.

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Our lawyers have been helping injured workers in Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding areas receive the worker’s compensation they need since 1970. They have extensive knowledge about the Nevada statutes governing these cases and we are proud of their ability to secure positive outcomes for our clients.

Our Spanish-speaking staff help guide our Hispanic clients through the worker’s compensation claim process by eliminating the language barrier that can interfere with their ability to understand their rights fully.

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