Do I have a case?

Las Vegas Workers Compensation Attorneys:
What Are the Grounds for a Case?

Las Vegas Worker's comp provides financial coverage for employees who are injured or become ill on the job. Compensation is delivered in a monetary form; typically payment for lost wages, medical expenses, rehabilitation and in some cases death benefits.

Injured employees who receive worker's comp in Las Vegas typically receive 66% of their average weekly earnings. This payment may be delivered in one lump sum if the employee is permanently disabled and cannot return to work or can be worked out in a structured settlement. Getting the right counsel from an experienced workers' compensation attorney in Las Vegas can prove very valuable.

Although this national system is designed to cover and protect the employee's needs, sometimes benefits fall short of providing complete coverage. In other cases, the employer's carrier may deny the employee's Las Vegas worker's comp claim, leaving the employee with few options, but to pursue legal action. Worker's comp attorneys at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Law Firm can help you claim your rightful compensation.

Facts about dealing with worker's comp in Las Vegas:

Not all workers' comp programs are the same, and may vary from state to state.

  • Worker's comp may not cover jobs such as in-home daycare worker, real estate agents, unpaid volunteers, newspaper carriers or sole proprietors.
  • Employees (or the family) must file for Las Vegas worker's comp benefits within one year to the date of the injury. However, worker's comp attorneys urge employees to file immediately following the accident or injury.
  • Injuries that typically fall under the worker's comp umbrella include (but are not limited to) injury or illness due to unsafe working conditions, auto accidents during company business, slip and fall incidents, illness from dangerous environmental conditions.
  • Your employer cannot fire you for filing for worker's comp in Las Vegas.

Is Las Vegas Worker's Comp Different from Workman's Comp?

The term "worker's comp" is no different from "workman's comp." Both terms refer to a type of insurance that provides monetary wage benefits to workers who are injured or become ill while on the job.

Because each state differs in how to pursue and handle a worker's comp case, injured employees should consult with a workers' compensation attorney in Las Vegas before going forward with legal action. Additionally, rules and regulations change making it imperative that you work with a professional who is informed about the industry. Look for an attorney with extensive experience in Las Vegas worker's comp cases.

At Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez Law Firm, you'll work with a group of knowledgeable, caring worker's comp attorneys, that in 2010 were selected as a Best Law Firm in workers' compensation by US News and World Report. With over 40 years in Las Vegas, GGRM Law Firm can deliver the results you deserve.

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