Worker Compensation Lawyers

Can Worker Compensation Lawyers Settle My Case?

If you’ve been injured at work you may be wondering if worker compensation lawyers should handle your case. Often human resources departments will tell injured employees that the company worker’s compensation insurance will cover the bill. However, employees often find that’s not the case. Medical bills and expenses incurred from being away from the office pile up, leaving the injured party feeling hopeless and in financial ruin.

Pursuing a case without a worker’s compensation attorney in Las Vegas can be very difficult. Because workers comp is a complex area, only a team of strong workers comp attorneys in Las Vegas can help. Laws and regulations are updated on a regular basis and plaintiffs need an attorney highly experienced in the area of worker’s compensation in order to achieve a successful result.

Before meeting with a workers compensation attorney in Las Vegas, employees should assemble a list of questions to determine if the attorney is right for the case. Questions to ask include:

  • Have you represented other employees who have worked in my industry and suffered the same or similar injuries?
  • Are you able to represent me at all worker’s comp levels?
  • Do you handle all types of worker’s comp claims or does your firm concentrate in one specific area?
  • What are the estimated costs to pursue my case?
  • Can you explain the process from start to finish?

Additionally, request a set of references and inquire about the attorney’s background handling worker’s compensation cases. For a leading team of worker compensation lawyers, trust the firm of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez. We’ve handled a variety of worker’s compensation cases in a number of industries for over 40 years and stay up-to-date on regulatory changes and updates in the industry.

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Do I Need Worker Compensation Lawyers for an Occupational Illness?

Worker compensation lawyers are a vital asset to patients who have experienced an occupational illness due to working conditions. Recently, the Nevada Supreme Court published a decision in favor of Nevada employees who are inflicted with a disease as a result of their employment. Examples of occupational illnesses include cancer, lung disease and heart disease, typically associated from direct contact with offending agents in the workplace.

According to Nevada law, the employee must provide written notice within 7 days after having knowledge of the disability and its connection to the employee’s place of employment. The employee must also file a C-4 Claim for Compensation form within 90 days after the employee learns of his or her disability/injury due to employment conditions.

GGRM worker’s comp attorneys in Las Vegas are your best bet so you are not left pursuing your case alone. Our team of highly skilled legal minds can apply our knowledge to your case for the best chance to receive a winning result. Worker compensation lawyers at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez are waiting to meet with you.

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