Workers Compensation Lawyers in Las Vegas

Workers Compensation Lawyers in Las Vegas Offer Safety Tips for Road Construction Crews

Road construction workers face a variety of hazards on the job and when injuries occur, workers compensation lawyers Las Vegas can help them receive the compensation they deserve. Workers can take a number of steps to ensure their safety and avoid injuries that can have devastating effects on all aspects of their lives.

Road construction crews are working close to heavy equipment and vehicle traffic. Some workers must operate complex machinery. In some cases, they are working during the heat of the day and during the summer months temperatures can rise well above the century mark creating even more problems.

Local codes are in place for regulating traffic but depending on the location of the job, more stringent traffic control techniques may be necessary. Individuals driving through work zones are subject to higher fines if caught speeding but not all will follow the rules.

Spotters are often necessary in areas with high-density traffic to alert crews of dangerous situations and remind drivers they need to slow down. These individuals must stay mentally alert at all time and be able to react quickly in any emergency. They should wear a jacket, shirt or vest that is yellow, orange or yellow-green for high visibility. If the work is taking place at night, clothing must be retro reflective.

All workers should wear safety goggles, waterproof work boots, chemical resistant gloves and earplugs that still allow the individual to hear traffic and any warnings. It is important to wear long sleeved shirts, sturdy pants and a hard hat while working. It is best to change work clothes before going home at the end of the shift to keep solvents and asphalt particulate from accumulating in the car or home.

Working on a road construction crew is a high-risk occupation that requires all members to remain alert and ready to react to any potential danger. If you receive an injury on the job, call the law offices of Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez at 388-GGRM (4476) to receive a free consultation with one of their qualified workers compensation lawyers Las Vegas.