Auto Accidents

How Can a Las Vegas Auto Accident Law Firm Help Me
After I've Been Injured?

Auto accident law firms are rampant in newspaper and phone books; how do you make the right choice? An auto accident can be one of the most traumatic events in your life. Not only your physical being but also your mental state may be severely affected after being injured in a car accident. Are you unsure where to turn to seek justice? Before making a call, think carefully about what you want from the auto accident law firms you are considering. You want someone who will:
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of the case
  • Can adeptly handle a variety of auto accident cases from minor to serious
  • Can assist with compensation for lost wages if your accident sidelined you from work
  • Provide referral assistance to local physical therapists and physicians who can help with the healing process
  • Offer a genuine listening ear and a true interest in your case

The attorneys at Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez are a group of highly trained, experienced, and caring lawyers, dedicated to rectifying your situation. From the free initial consultation to the final verdict, our team will work tirelessly to resolve your case. Can the other auto accident law firms do the same?

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The Leading Auto Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas Are Within Your Reach

One of the best ways to evaluate the track record of auto accident law firms is to hear from their clients. The stories are sad, but the triumphs are great. For the past 40 years, Greenman, Goldberg, Raby and Martinez has been fighting for victims of reckless or careless driving.
Some of our case histories reveal incredible results, although the reasons are tragic:
“A devastating motor vehicle accident occurred when the adverse vehicle ran a red light. A father, mother and three children were injured. Damages included brain damage to the father, and death of the baby. The case settled for policy limits of $3.75 million.”
In another case, a client was awarded $350,000 when another car crossed over into the victim’s lane, which resulted in a head-on collision. The victim, our client, has had to endure multiple ankle surgeries as a result. The list goes on and on. GGRM is one of the most regarded auto accident law firms that truly go above and beyond seeking retribution for clients suffering as victims of car accidents.

If you’ve been injured, turn to one of the leading auto accident law firms in Las Vegas - contact us at 702-388-GGRM (4476) and arrange for a free initial consultation!