Talcum Powder

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Did you know, experts have found a common hygiene product may have put you or someone in your household at risk for developing ovarian cancer? Would you be surprised to learn that product is talcum powder?

For years, personal care products giant Johnson & Johnson marketed talcum powder as safe enough for a baby to use. Yet, emerging mass tort lawsuits allege the company knowingly hid the fact their products were associated with an increased risk of developing uterine and ovarian cancer but failed to appropriately warn consumers.

The Responsibility to Report

Any person or corporation that fails to warn consumers of risks associated with their products can be held liable for the damages resulting from that failure. At Greenman, Goldberg, Raby & Martinez, we believe that no person nor corporation, no matter how big they are, should escape accountability when consumers are injured. It's why our Las Vegas mass tort law firm is dedicated to pursuing justice in pharmaceutical and general product cases.

If you or someone you love developed uterine or ovarian cancer due to regular use of talcum powder, then our law firm wants to hear from you. We are currently accepting and investigating cases throughout the Southern Nevada area.

The Problems & Risks Associated with Talcum Powder

The primary ingredient in baby powder, Talc, might be a naturally occurring mineral but it isn't necessarily safe for regular use. This soft mineral is used in baby powder and other personal care products due to its ability to absorb moisture and cut down on friction to keep skin dry and rash-free. It's most commonly used on babies after baths and diaper changes to keep skin soft, fresh, and comfortable. Many women routinely use talcum powder on their own sensitive areas to likewise stay cool and comfortable.

Yet, such hygiene use may not be worth the risks. Studies in ovarian cancer show a potential link between talc use in the genital area and cancer cell growth. The most recent research suggests the use of talcum powder increases risk of cancer by 40%.

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If your doctor has diagnosed you with ovarian cancer linked to talcum powder use, or you have a baby or child that was hospitalized or killed because of talc inhalation, then we want to fight for you. The Las Vegas mass tort law firm at GGRM, is currently accepting and investigating new cases. Contact us at 702-388-4476 to receive a free consultation today.