Part-Time UNLV Law School Students Matter to Us Scholarship

Deadline: May 12, 2021
Available to: Part-Time UNLV Law School Students with Fulltime Jobs
Award Amount: $5,000

  1. Must be a Nevada resident at the time of application
  2. Must submit an online application
  3. Must submit a 1000+ word essay that covers the 2020-2021 topic
  4. Must be enrolled in the part-time UNLV Law School program in the 2020-2021 school year
  5. Must maintain full-time employment while attending law school

Part-time law students are some of the most determined law students around. For many, the right window of opportunity has allowed them to reconsider a professional goal that has eluded them in the past. Regardless of the circumstances, part-time law students are determined to earn their law degree and often come from all professional backgrounds with a renewed determination to achieve what has long been not possible.

For those students returning many years after their undergraduate degree, the challenge of being a student all over again, regaining study skills, and getting back into habits can be tough. It can also be difficult to rebalance time commitments with family and friends to adjust to class and study schedules, and they have to make extra efforts to participate in co-curricular activities like clinics and externships, which are often available during the day when part-time law students are working.

Many part-time students returning to law school have to consider the financial upshot of returning to earn a law degree – will they have a return on their investment? As supporters of Nevada’s only law school, GGRM is honored to help support those who want to serve in the legal community, and especially those who demonstrate the fortitude, discipline, and sacrifice that it takes to successfully navigate part-time law school.

Write a 1,000+ word essay, explaining your personal and professional background, including the reason(s) behind your decision to attend law school. Make sure to discuss the specific challenges you will need to overcome as you maintain full-time employment while attending part-time law school. Finally, clarify what you plan on doing with your law degree and how it will help you serve others.

Winning Criteria

The scholarship winner will be based on the following factors:

  • A unique background and/or experience that drove the decision to attend law school.
  • Ability to accurately identify the challenges of maintaining full-time employment and the workload of a part-time law student and articulate a plan to overcome those challenges
  • Articulates a plan to use their law degree to serve in Nevada’s legal community