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Traffic ahead began slowing down and came to a complete stop, but the car behind did not stop…

October 31, 2019, was just an ordinary day for Las Vegas police officer Oscar L. He was off-duty and driving north on Interstate 95 when he noticed that the traffic ahead of him was slowing down. As he slowed his vehicle, he saw that traffic had stopped completely. Oscar stopped as well. But the car behind him did not.

Oscar was checking his left side mirror when he saw the car behind him keep coming. Having nowhere to go, his car took the full impact from a rear-end collision. After the impact, Oscar felt pain in his neck, lower back, shoulder, and right arm. After waiting for the Nevada Highway Patrol to clear the scene, Oscar went to a quick care medical center for treatment.

“Felt pain in the neck, lower back, shoulder and right arm…diagnosed with whiplash and lumbar strain”

Oscar was diagnosed with whiplash and lumbar strain. He received treatment from a chiropractor for several months, which alleviated most — but not all — of his pain. He still suffered from lumbar pain. He received two medial branch blocks (a type of spinal injection to temporarily block the pain signals coming from the medial nerves), but the pain persisted.

His doctors then tried radiofrequency ablation (RFA), a type of injection procedure where a heat lesion is created on the nerve that transmits the pain signal to the brain. Oscar had two of these procedures that were done seven months apart, and they worked to reduce his pain to a 1 out of 10. Following his second RFA, he wrapped up his treatment.

To add insult to injury, however, the person who hit Oscar was underinsured. A co-worker recommended that Oscar contact GGRM for help.

“A co-worker recommended to contact GGRM for help

Working with GGRM personal injury attorney Jeremy Beasley, Oscar was able to obtain a highly satisfactory six-figure settlement from the insurer for his injuries and is now back on full duty.

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