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Nevada law requires every driver to carry liability insurance to cover injuries and property damage. A driver who fails to comply with insurance laws is subject to penalties include fines and suspension of their license and vehicle registration. Uninsured drivers also create significant risk for other people on the road. They must bear the cost of damage they cause in an accident, and quite often an uninsured motorist can’t afford anything close to the cost of medical bills that can result from a serious crash. The result can be that the injured person ends up bearing most of the financial burden of an accident that was not his or her fault.

How uninsured motorist coverage works

Uninsured motorist coverage is one way to protect yourself from this situation. Such coverage kicks in whenever the other person in an accident lacks insurance and is also at fault. Someone who has uninsured motorist coverage can drive with less worry that other drivers aren’t complying with their legal obligations. Coverage limits are an important consideration for anyone who buys insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage needs to be robust enough to cover property damage (i.e., damage to your car) as well as the expenses that come from injuries to the driver and passengers. An insurance company can offer guidance about how much uninsured motorist coverage is appropriate for a given driver’s circumstances.

Also consider taking out underinsured motorist coverage

The question of coverage limits is vitally important in every auto accident case. This is true even if the at-fault driver has legally compliant insurance. The minimum coverage requirements under Nevada law are $25,000 of bodily injury coverage per person, $50,000 bodily injury coverage per accident, and $20,000 of property damage. In a major accident involving serious injuries, these limits may be inadequate to cover the full scope of costs. The responsible driver may need to be personally sued in hopes of seeking compensation for medical costs that can easily exceed $100,000 for complicated injuries like spinal or brain trauma. One solution is to take out underinsured motorist coverage. Like uninsured motorist coverage, this type of coverage only kicks in if the responsible driver’s policy isn’t sufficient to cover all the costs associated with the accident. One demographic of drivers that is likely to carry only the minimum level of insurance is young people. Young people are also more likely to cause accidents due to their lack of driving experience. Put in this light, underinsured motorist coverage looks like a good idea. Whether these add-on coverages make sense for a driver is often a question of cost. Because they are contingent, they should not be particularly expensive. Drivers with dependents should give special consideration to taking out these policies not only to protect themselves but also their children or other loved ones.

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