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Auto manufacturers have had a few things up their sleeves in recent years. After the unveiling of self-driving cars, the world stared in wonder as these vehicles began to hit the road. There’s still much to be learned about the implications of cars that drive themselves, but there’s also a whole world of other technological advances coming to an intersection near you.

Audi has paired up with Las Vegas to test its new traffic light countdown technology. Because the Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) of Southern Nevada oversees the entire handling of the area’s transit infrastructure, the two entities were able to converge and create a test environment where cars are making commutes less stressful for drivers.

Auto lawyers in Las Vegas are particularly interested in the way this technology will impact the city. The hope is, it reduces accidents and personal injuries while making drivers more aware of the intersection obstacles they face on their daily commutes.

It works like this:

  • A vehicle enters an area supported by V2I technology. It then logs onto the infrastructure’s cloud using a one-time token.
  • GPS and heading data determine which traffic signal it will encounter next.
  • Audi’s partner Traffic Technology Services (TTS) gathers data about the upcoming traffic light and sends it to the car. The car then determines if you’ll make it through the intersection or not.
  • If the car determines the light will still be green when you get to the intersection, nothing happens, and you continue to drive. If the light will be red by the time you get there, a countdown will appear on your dashboard, letting you know when the light will turn green again.

How can this Technology Help You?

This technology is helpful in a number of ways. For starters, many people have been stuck at intersections for seemingly endless amounts of time, wondering if the light will ever turn green again. Instead of moving your car forward and back, trying to get the sensor to recognize your car, this new technology will allow you to relax, knowing that in X amount of seconds, it will, in fact, turn green again, and you’ll be on your way.

Auto lawyers in Las Vegas are hopeful this technology will also help reduce rear-end crashes and head-on collisions that occur when drivers try to out-run yellow lights or stop short when the person behind them anticipates the flow of traffic will continue to move.

As more vehicles become equipped with traffic light technology, commuting should become less stressful, and drivers should be able to plan their routes according to normal traffic flow while avoiding unforeseen crashes inherent to busy intersections.

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