Hotel Casino Housekeeper Injured After Tucking Bed Sheets

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  2. Hotel Casino Housekeeper Injured After Tucking Bed Sheets
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Out of the 200,000 resort hotel room beds, it only took one to bring her down to her knees.

In her 16 years working as a housekeeper, Luzviminda Teodosio has changed more than 200,000 hotel room beds but it only took one to literally bring her to her knees.

Luzviminda was working as a housekeeper for The Mirage Hotel and Casino when she injured her right hip and back while she was squatting to tuck in some bed sheets. After informing her employer of her injury, she was sent to a local urgent care center where she was treated for her injury. She was placed on light duty while her treatments continued.

“My employer’s insurance company denied the claim…I knew I was in for a fight”

After Luzviminda filed a workers’ compensation claim, she was surprised to receive a letter from her employer’s insurance company denying her claim. That’s when she knew she was in for a fight, and her weapon of choice was GGRM.

GGRM workers’ compensation attorney Joshua Davidson worked tirelessly on Luzviminda’s case and ultimately prevailed in obtaining an acceptance of her claim through litigation. She received a monetary settlement but more importantly, was able to receive the back surgery she needed to recover from her injury.

“Today, I’m fully engaged in the rehabilitation program that will give me the skills I need to find a new job”

In addition, because Luzviminda could no longer work as a housekeeper, GGRM got her engaged in the vocational rehabilitation program at the maximum allowable amount. In Nevada’s workers’ compensation program, when a worker is rated by a doctor as being permanently restricted because of their condition after being discharged from treatment and the employer has no job position open for the disabled worker, that worker is then eligible for counseling, schooling, and job retraining.

Today, thanks to GGRM, Luzviminda is fully engaged in the rehabilitation program that will give her the skills she needs to find a new job that she can do without having to risk her long-term health. That’s a win-win for everyone.