Tourist Suffers Knee Injuries at a Popular Las Vegas Restaurant

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  2. Tourist Suffers Knee Injuries at a Popular Las Vegas Restaurant

Even before reaching their table, the unthinkable happened, and their vacation took a turn for the worse.

Brenda G. and her family left their home in one vacation destination – Orlando – for another when they vacationed in Las Vegas in December of 2019. And like so many people on vacation, they were only expecting a good time.

One evening, Brenda and her family went to have dinner at a popular Las Vegas restaurant. As the hostess was leading them to their table, she took them through the side of the restaurant’s kitchen. While they were walking, Brenda slipped on something and fell on both knees to the floor. Her family helped her get up, but she immediately felt pain in both knees.

“I slipped on something and fell on both knees to the floor…immediately felt pain in both knees”

Brenda did not seek medical treatment while they were in Vegas, not wanting to compromise her family’s vacation. Upon her return to Orlando, Brenda visited her doctor complaining of knee pain and pain in her thighs, left wrist, and lower back. After treatment, all her injuries seemed to resolve except for some persistent pain in her right knee.

Hoping to eliminate the knee pain, Brenda was given four Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections, where a patient’s blood is spun down, and the platelets injected into the injury site to facilitate healing. Although the PRP injections helped somewhat, she was still left with some pain in her knee but opted to forego any more treatment.

“I needed legal help…the State Bar of Nevada referred me to GGRM

With medical bills piling up, Brenda knew she needed legal help in recouping those costs. She contacted the State Bar of Nevada, which referred her to GGRM.

After hearing the facts of the case from Brenda, GGRM personal injury attorney Jeremy Beasley knew she had a good case. He requested all her medical records and bills from her Orlando physician and drafted a demand letter to the restaurant’s insurer. After some negotiation, Brenda received an offer she found acceptable and settled the case.

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