Warehouse Worker Injured While Stacking Totes

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Have you ever wondered how your Amazon packages get to you so quickly?

For Amazon warehouse worker N.T., September 8, 2020, was like any other workday…. except when it wasn’t.

Part of N.T.’s job entailed placing heavy items in large tote bags and then stacking those bags. Except on that day, she felt a pull on her mid-and lower back as she was working. She didn’t stop, but when she got home later that day, she began experiencing back spasms.

“Felt a pull on mid-lower back as placing heavy items in large tote bags…but I didn’t stop”

N. T. returned to work the next day, but found that after an hour on the job, she could no longer bear the pain in her back. She left work and visited a nearby emergency room for treatment. And as so many injured workers do, she filed for workers’ compensation benefits, which her company’s insurer promptly denied.

Unfortunately, many workers’ comp claims are initially rejected, leaving injured workers wondering what to do next. When working people are hurt on the job, it is GGRM’s job to make sure their rights are fiercely protected.

The right of an injured worker to reasonable and necessary medical attention may be the most valuable benefit provided by workers’ compensation law. If a workers’ compensation claim is properly handled, the right to medical care in future years for an injured worker can be protected.

“Company’s insurer denied the claim…GGRM got to work on my behalf immediately

GGRM got to work on N. T.’s behalf immediately, arranging for her to receive treatment from a spine specialist and getting her injury rated, which is key to qualifying for benefits. Her workers’ compensation claim was eventually accepted by the insurance company prior to litigation. N. T. received a settlement as well as lifetime reopening rights on her claim, protecting her rights to future medical care.

Every day, insurance companies work hard to settle claims quickly and for as little compensation as possible. And every day, GGRM works harder to ensure the best interests of injured workers in Nevada are protected and they receive the compensation they deserve to rebuild their lives.

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