Navigating Workplace Injuries: Jaleel’s Success Story with GGRM

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  2. Navigating Workplace Injuries: Jaleel’s Success Story with GGRM
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Imagine you’re injured at work, unsure of what steps to take next. That’s exactly what happened to Jaleel Williams. Thankfully, he reached out to GGRM for assistance, and everything changed for the better.

Jaleel was diligently working his restaurant job, cleaning the grill equipment, when an unfortunate accident resulted in a severe cut to his right hand. The injury required immediate medical attention, and he was sent to an urgent care facility before being transferred to a local hospital for stitches.

After a week, Jaleel underwent surgery to repair a tendon, followed by two months of rehabilitation to regain full functionality in his hand and return to work.

“I filed a workers’ comp claim, but the process seemed to drag on indefinitely,” shared Jaleel. “With no income and mounting expenses, a friend who had worked with GGRM in the past recommended that I give them a call.”

Feeling uncertain and overwhelmed, Jaleel reached out to GGRM seeking clarity and guidance. The team at GGRM provided him with a comprehensive understanding of his situation and swiftly assembled a dedicated team to support him throughout the entire process.

Erik Tondevold, Jaleel’s attorney, recounted the challenges they faced: “Once Jaleel was released from his treating doctor, the next step was to obtain a rating, which typically takes a month or two. Unfortunately, the insurance company caused unnecessary delays, stretching the process to over six months.”

During this frustrating time, GGRM ensured that Jaleel received exceptional medical care from the doctors they had arranged for him.

Jaleel expressed his gratitude, saying, “The entire team at GGRM was not only professional and informative but also friendly and considerate. They kept me consistently updated, ensuring I knew everything I needed to know. It truly was a positive experience.”

Eventually, Jaleel received a permanent partial disability rating and a settlement. However, GGRM didn’t stop there.

Tondevold shared, “While Jaleel demonstrated immense patience, this egregious delay was frustrating for all parties involved. As a result, we had to file an additional complaint against the insurance company to ensure that Jaleel receives the rightful recourse he deserves.”

Despite the lingering effects of his injury, Jaleel has successfully returned to his job at the restaurant, thanks to GGRM’s unwavering support. The settlement he received has provided him with the means to resume a normal life, marking a significant turning point in his journey.

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