Transforming Challenges into Victories: The Christopher Rodriguez Journey

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  3. Transforming Challenges into Victories: The Christopher Rodriguez Journey
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Life’s journey is often filled with unexpected twists, and Christopher Rodriguez’s story exemplifies the resilience that can emerge from adversity.

Christopher worked for a major soft drink company in California and was transferred to Nevada before the pandemic. In 2020, as COVID-19 swept the globe, he faced a reinjury to an old knee injury at work and was placed on light duty for a month. When he filed for workers’ comp, his claim was denied, adding to his troubles, stating that it was an aggravation of an old injury he had suffered in California, not Nevada.

Knowing he needed help, Christopher did an online search and found GGRM.

“They kept in touch with me with text messages and always got back to me really fast with answers to my questions,” said Christopher. “They got me the best care for my knee, even though it was pretty rough during the pandemic, but they got it done.”

In 2021, Christopher suffered a lower back injury when he picked up a case of soda and heard a pop. After getting an MRI, it was discovered that he had two bulging discs, one protruding into his spinal cord.

“I thought the company would take care of me,” said Christopher. “But when I went to the chiropractor, they wouldn’t work on me and referred me back to GGRM.

GGRM went to work for Christopher again, getting his company to place him on light duty and obtaining a good Permanent Partial Disability (PPD) rating, which resulted in a benefit that would take care of him for any claim reopening for life as far as the back injury was concerned.

Just as he was recovering from his work injuries, Christopher discovered this journey was not ending.

In February 2023, a drunk driver going the wrong way on the freeway ran head-on into Christopher’s vehicle, injuring his back and reinjuring his knee.

“After the accident, I didn’t even want to go to another law firm but I didn’t know GGRM also did personal injury,” said Christopher. “When I called them, I was so happy to learn that I could continue to work with GGRM! I had never been in a car accident before and it’s hard to keep track of everything. GGRM was there for me once again, helping me through a very confusing time.”

Christopher, who is married and has one child, continues to work at the same company but is now a forklift driver, which is easier on his back. With GGRM’s help, he is continuing medical treatment for his injuries and continuing to heal.

While he wouldn’t wish his string of bad luck on anyone, Christopher says he found a silver lining in GGRM.

“In the end, it worked out perfectly,” Christopher reflects. His recommendation of GGRM to his co-workers underscores the impact of their commitment to clients. In Christopher’s story, we find inspiration – a reminder that challenges can indeed become triumphs.

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