Overcoming Tragedy: Frank Hulse’s Journey to Retirement after a Workplace Assault

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  2. Overcoming Tragedy: Frank Hulse’s Journey to Retirement after a Workplace Assault
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Retirement can be delayed for many reasons; for most people, it’s for financial reasons. However, for Frank Hulse, retirement was postponed because of a horrific injury.

Frank worked for 11 years as a group supervisor at Caliente Youth Center, an at-risk youth center run by the State of Nevada’s Division of Child and Family Services. On April 16, 2021, Frank stayed behind in a youth cottage with three young men while another supervisor took the remaining group out for lunch.

Once they were alone, the three boys jumped Frank and choked him until he was unconscious.

“I don’t remember much from the attack itself,” said Frank. “I have been told I was choked and kicked repeatedly in the head.”

Frank was taken to a local hospital, where they diagnosed bleeding on the brain, and told his wife that he needed to be taken to a facility with more resources for head injuries. They could not get an ambulance to transport him to Las Vegas, so he was flown by helicopter to a hospital in St. George, Utah, where his wife was employed as a social worker. She knew the trauma specialist there had treated severe head wounds in Iraq. Frank was treated for a concussion, a neck injury, and lacerations.

“I tried to contact several attorneys and was put in touch with GGRM,” Frank explained. “I knew I couldn’t advocate for myself, and my wife didn’t know how the system worked.” “GGRM knows how the system works and got me through many things I needed help understanding.” “They took care of any problem I had with the state.”

Frank had accumulated sick leave and vacation, and workers’ compensation paid two-thirds of his salary. “In my case, I got good advice from GGRM and made the wise choice to run the time out on my retirement, so the state had to look after me. In the end, I got a good settlement, which eventually allowed me to retire.”

The three boys were tried, and it was at trial that Frank learned the attack had been planned for some time. The boys were trying to steal his car and escape, but they couldn’t find his car keys. While they did escape, they were found an hour later and convicted at trial. The attackers were incarcerated until they reached the age of 21.

Eighteen months following the attack, Frank and his wife retired to Utah. Although he couldn’t drive for a year, Frank says he is now in reasonably decent health, although he does experience some dizziness and balance problems from his head injuries.

“GGRM was very helpful through this whole process. I appreciated the time my attorney, Eric Tondevold, took with us, even when I am sure he had already answered some of the questions my wife and I asked him. He was always willing to listen to our concerns. I also appreciated all the time Josie Morales spent with us making sure everything was in order, and when I had any concerns with workers’ compensation, she immediately got answers. The team worked hard for me, and I appreciate each of them.”

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