Navigating a Personal Injury Claim: How GGRM’s Technology-Driven Approach Made a Difference

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  3. Navigating a Personal Injury Claim: How GGRM’s Technology-Driven Approach Made a Difference
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It is sometimes not so much what you do as it is how you do it that makes all the difference to a client.

Take the case of Cristian Valera-Rodriguez. Cristian is a busy entrepreneur who works full-time in hotel sales and runs his own event-planning company.

On March 11, 2022, Cristian was driving down Centennial Center Blvd. when a driver came out of a shopping center and t-boned him.

As he got out of his smashed vehicle, Cristian noticed that the driver looked very young. In fact, that driver was a minor who had just gotten his license and was driving his mother’s car. The young driver called his mother with the sad news; Cristian talked to her on the phone, and they exchanged information.

Following the crash, Cristian experienced lower back pain, headaches, and tingling in his left arm that lasted a couple of weeks. Since he is on his feet more than 12 hours a day, these injuries were terrible for his business! The day after the accident just happened to be one of the most significant events for his event planning company, and he worked through the pain.

Cristian came to GGRM through a friend. We filed a personal injury claim on his behalf and negotiated his settlement. And while he was thrilled with the work, it was the way we did it that meant so much to him.

“I am really happy that everything was done through technology,” said Cristian. “I don’t have time to go in and out of offices.” GGRM found a chiropractor close to my work so I could more easily receive my treatments. During my case, we communicated via email, phone, and text, so I didn’t have to visit their offices and miss work. “It was the ideal situation.”

We helped Cristian go from a bad situation to a great one, working with him on his terms. We can do the same for you.

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