Serious auto accident injuries won’t slow this real estate professional down

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As Sylvia Johnson was buckling her two-year-old daughter into her car seat on a typical Monday morning last October, her mind was on getting her toddler to school and then putting in a busy day in her real estate office.

A traffic jam on the 215 would quickly change those plans.

As she approached the traffic backup, Sylvia slowed her car and was going about ten mph when another driver rear-ended her. She and the other driver pulled over to the side of the highway along with a third car, and then it happened again — another driver rear-ended the third parked car.

“The minute I got hit, I felt something pop in my lower back,” Sylvia explains. “Once everything calmed down, I felt it even more. I had a tough time picking my daughter up. “

Eventually, Sylvia was diagnosed with cervical spine ligament sprain, neck muscle and tendon strain, sprain of ligaments of the thoracic spine, a strain of the back wall of the thorax, sprain of ligaments of the lumbar spine, a strain of the lower back, acute pain due to trauma, disruption of sleep patterns, fatigue, lack of energy, travel anxiety, and back muscle spasms.

A friend of Sylvia’s had something similar happen to him when he was in a car accident and recommended that she contact GGRM for help.

“I had never gone through something like this,” said Sylvia. “GGRM helped me fight—to get the proper medical treatment, to get my car fixed, and to get a settlement from the other driver’s insurance company. They were really quick to get back to me and answer my emails. I followed their advice and would recommend them to anyone going through something as I did. “

Sylvia’s medical treatment included spinal manipulation, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, and therapeutic activities for six months following the accident. While she still experiences some flare-ups from time to time, she manages them with hot/cold therapy and has returned to her work as a real estate transaction manager.

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