Service Technician For a Las Vegas Pool Company Is Not a Job Without Hazards

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  2. Service Technician For a Las Vegas Pool Company Is Not a Job Without Hazards
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As a service technician for a Las Vegas pool company, Thomas Barger enjoyed his work outdoors, keeping wet things working for the thousands of Las Vegans who enjoy having a backyard oasis in this desert area. However, his job was not without hazards.

Tom first experienced a work injury when a pool light he was pulling injured his pinky finger. He needed three surgeries on the finger, and even after those surgeries, the finger still curled all the way in. He contacted GGRM for help with his workers’ compensation claim, and the firm was able to obtain a good settlement for him without having to go to trial.

Tom returned to work, but a few weeks later, he was injured again while installing new pool equipment. While moving a pump, he fell back onto some other plumbing equipment that hit his lower back, and jammed the thumb on his left hand. He was diagnosed with a ruptured disc in his lower back and was told he would need two surgeries to repair it.

Following the first surgery, Tom experienced painful neuropathy and was laid up for eight months before the nerves started to heal, and he could walk again. Tom did not want to do a second surgery after his experience with the neuropathy; he began therapy to further treat his lower back pain. It helped some but did not totally eradicate his pain. While recovering, Tom also experienced a case of shingles and some hearing loss from the nerve damage caused by his work accident. And once again, GGRM was on the case, working to obtain the best possible settlement for his injuries.

Today, Tom is retired and working hard to get his strength back. While he was separated from the pool company in July, he still wants to work, although it’s difficult for him to stay on his feet all day because of his ongoing back issues.

“I try not to complain,” said Tom. “I just hang in there and try to remain positive. GGRM has been great and got me the best possible settlement for both cases.”

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