Will Having a Second Job Affect My Workers’ Compensation Claim?

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  2. Will Having a Second Job Affect My Workers’ Compensation Claim?
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In today’s economy, it is not unusual for people to work second jobs to supplement their income. Sustaining an injury at one job while still working a second job could have an impact on your workers’ compensation claim.

Concurrent Employment 

Under Nevada law, an individual who has two jobs is considered to have “concurrent employment.” This means that if you are working two jobs and are injured at one, you will be entitled to workers’ compensation for the entire amount you earned from both jobs if you are unable to perform both of these jobs. If your injury at one job prevents you from performing your second job, you may be entitled to benefits for the wages lost from the second job.

If you are still able to work your second job, even though you are unable to work the job at which you were injured, the total amount of benefits received may be reduced because of the income from your second job. It is very important that you report your second job to the insurance adjuster because if you fail to do so, it may be considered fraud. To ensure you receive compensation from both jobs, if you are unable to work, it is important that you report your income from your second job. Workers’ compensation payments are based on your average earnings during the period of time before your injury.

What if I Was an Independent Contractor at my Second Job?

Working a second job in the gig economy, for instance, as an Uber driver, may mean that you’re classified as an independent contractor. Even if you don’t have workers’ compensation insurance or self-insurance, you may be able to receive benefits for all the wages you lost provided specific provisions have been met. The benefits are paid by the employer of the job where you were injured and not by the second job.

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