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8 Weird Nevada Laws

Nevada Laws

Despite promoting a scintillating time with a city motto of 'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas', there are some things you don't want to be caught doing, lest you run counter to the law.

Here are 8 weird Nevada laws you should know before you cross the line:

  1. Driving a camel atop the highway is illegal. Private companies with an eye for profit imported camels to work as pack animals back in the 1860s. However, loose camels became a huge nuisance on public highways and led to this weird Nevadan law.
  2. Hanging someone for shooting your dog on your property is 'legal'. In the Wild West days, dogs were a highly valuable asset for protecting herds and property that were absolutely not to be messed with.
  3. In Reno, benches and other seats cannot be placed on any street, alley, or sidewalk without express authorization. This is one of those anti-homeless laws that might have gone a bit too far in the city legislature process. Which also leads to the next weird Nevada law:
  4. Also in Reno, it's illegal to lie down on the sidewalk. AND...
  5. Again in Reno, it's illegal to hide a spray-painted shopping cart in your basement. Spray painting shopping carts is popular among stores. This law was put in place to help reduce theft.
  6. In Eureka, a man who has a mustache is not allowed to kiss a woman. Prohibitions against mustaches and unkempt facial hair were quite popular throughout the country during the 18th and 19th centuries. Eureka, Nevada just happens to be one of the few still keeping in tune with arcane weirdness.
  7. In Las Vegas, it's illegal to pawn your dentures. Actually, you can't sell your dentures on eBay either as they're considered a prescriptive medical device. However, it is strange for Las Vegas to have to spell it out in their city laws, leading one to wonder if it was the result of a surge in seniors trying to get just one more game in at the gambling house.
  8. In Elko, everyone walking the streets is required to wear a mask. The massive influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 caught many states unprepared. Areas of Nevada were particularly hard hit and slow to respond. The Elko mask law was instituted in hopes of preventing the disease from spreading among citizens.

While you aren't likely to get pulled over and handed a ticket for any of the above weird laws, you may find yourself ticketed for more common missteps, such as jaywalking. If you've been injured by someone else's illegal activity or misguided recklessness, contact us today at (702) 338-4476. Greenman, Goldberg, Raby, and Martinez, your Las Vegas accident injury attorneys.